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NAMDUNG Co., ltd was established in 1993, with experienced team of engineers and mechanists, the company has been manufacturing many machines and equipment to serve factories and companies in food processing industry


Bang tai Nobashi        Come to Namdung Co,.Ltd, customers can be assured of quality and warranty. During over 20 years, makes not only domestic but also foreign customers, such as  India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc
1   With national patents from the year of establishing company, Namdung Co., Ltd is one of pioneering company which brings high technology national products to export to other developed nations.


01 _Z6T8614 He thong chien bang tai - Frying system with conveyor HT-CHIEN-300   3_1   02 iqf luoi  Mesh IQF - IQF-600L-1500B


The typical products as: IQF, in consider one of the most quality national product, Belt IQF, Mesh IQF, shrimp preparing machine, high capacity washing machine, conveyor for transferring foods, and many ones to serve the need of seafood and maritime food product quality.

Totally manufactured by stainless steel imported from developed industry nations such as Japan and EU, stainless steel products have long lifetime, safe in food processing.




"Namdung always go together with you, a companion and reliable partner of customers. Namdung Co., Ltd is thnkful customers included domestic and foreign who had been using our products."

Namdung Co., Ltd is thankful customers included domestic and foreign who had been using our products. Your satisfaction is top criteria that Namdung Co., Ltd desires. The company always improves product in order to serve the most serious customers.